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I’m a UX/UI Designer with a side of coding.

What I love to do: Learn stuff. Apply to something meaningful. Get really awesome at it. Provide lots of value and make the world a better place. Repeat.

My Work

Onboarding to pay your bills

Solo work for employer

Native mobile app (tied to enterprise web app)
UX/UI design

Buying tickets for a large event

Solo project, unsolicited concept redesign

Responsive website (desktop/mobile)
User research, IA, UX, visual/UI design

Following a recipe, hands-free

Team project, unsolicited concept redesign

Mobile app, tvOS, VoiceUI
User research, UX, prototyping and animation

Content-heavy, easy to digest

Solo freelance project through UpWork

Responsive (desktop/mobile) web app
UX, Visual/UI design