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About Me

I’ve spent more than 10 years designing for engagement, usability, and accessibility. This was my work and life as a high school teacher, teaching science and computer science.

I often centered my work around the question: How do I design an experience for my students that causes them to learn?

If my designs failed, my students didn’t learn. Every day was an exercise in defining problems, collecting data, designing solutions, testing them, and iterating.

I’m now looking to use my skills and experience to help you make an impact through your products and services.

Why hire me?

Not only do I empathize with your users, but with a background in science, programming (HTML/CSS/Javascript), web design, and engineering, I also empathize with your developers and engineers – important in understanding the possibilities and limitations of technology.

Lastly, I empathize with Mr. Benjamin, as finances are important in any organization. You want a popup that asks users to subscribe to your newsletter? I know they won’t like that, but I also want to see the data that might support the business reasons.

With my role at the intersection of business, technology, and design, I approach all aspects with a mindset of curiosity.

About me? I’m all about you. 😀

Teaching in my classroom