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Designing for Content-Heavy Engagement

Responsive Web App designed from the ground up

This project is currently under wraps!

Do you have my resume? Access this project (plus others!) through the addresses listed on my resume.

Or contact me directly to find out more. 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s a lil somethin somethin…

Client Overview

The clients are two developers in Silicon Valley, and their product is primarily a service – to provide customized disaster preparedness information for their users. My clients wanted to deliver their information through a web app, which would make it more convenient and possibly more engaging for their users. Users would also receive the information as a hard-copy (not designed by me) as a reference during emergencies, when electricity and internet are not reliable enough to count on for the web app.

The Ask

Take large amounts of content and design an interface to make the content more accessible and engaging to the user.

My Role

I was the sole designer on this project. The team consisted of my two developer clients and me.

Since the clients and I were separated by over 300 miles, I worked remotely and collaborated using Figma for wireframing/prototyping and Slack and phone calls for communication.