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30-year-old Asian female, recently employed as a pharmacist and moved into her own home and is getting used to cooking for herself. Currently knows enough recipes to count on one hand.

User Task

Your friends (my wife and I) are coming over for dinner (did I mention I invited myself?). You’d like to try cooking something new.

Research Method

The user (the “cook”) cannot touch the technology. I act as the kitchen assistant and control the technology based on what I think the cook wants and needs.

Some questions and factors that drove my research…

  1. How do I get subject out of the mindset that they are just using me to control the interface?
  2. We still want to respect the limits of current technology and stay within project scope

I limited our interactions. The cook and kitchen are “on set”, the assistant and the technology are “off set”.

Cook cannot touch anything “off set”
Cook can see the screen.
Cook cannot give directions to assistant on where to move the mouse/pointer
Assistant cannot touch anything “on set”
Assistant cannot look at the cook or anything “on set”
Assistant must try to be as helpful as possible.

Because the user was not comfortable being video recorded, instead I took a screen recording of the session (including ambient audio).